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Pen Pals Connection

Pen Pal Connection for kids with Sickle cell: ages 7-years to 16-years

Letters will be published on this Website; children that goes to our clinic can sign up to become pen pals, and we will link them with other kids.


We hope our Pen Pal connection can bring new hope to sick children and make them more confident in their lives again.


Send all Pen Pal e-mails to penpals@coulsonsicklecell.org.   


Send all letters to:


Coulson Sickle Cell Foundation of Sierra Leone

P.O. Box 81605

Conyers, GA 30013

Cloring Books


Please send us your drawings or art works to sekqueencc@coulsonsicklecell.org  or P.O. BOX 81605 Conyers, GA 30013 and it will be framed in our Clinic or be given to other children that comes to our clinic who shares the same interest.


Do not forget to put your name on your drawings or art works. In turn, Our Sickle Cell kids in Sierra Leone will create their own drawings and our foundation will post it in our Kids Corner web page, for children overseas to view.


There will be Art Work and Drawing competitions, and winners will be posted on our Website. 

DRAWING-1       2008 Camping Story                                                                                                         

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