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Coulson Sickle Cell Foundation (CSCF) was founded in the United States after my experience in preparing for a visit to Sierra Leone, West Africa in 2003 with my son who has Sickle Cell SS. Upon consultation with my son’s physicians, I was surprised to learn of the restrictions that I must adhere to prevent my son from having a “crisis” which is frequent with this disease, while in Sierra Leone. Because of the dearth of public medical facilities in Sierra Leone, and the absence of any facility to treat an individual with sickle cell SS disease, especially in a crisis, I was taking my son to my homeland at much personal risk. As a mother, the restrictions were necessary for a successful visit, but as a Sierra Leonean, it was unacceptable to know I cannot spontaneously visit home with my son without bringing a variety of medical supplies to help if he goes into a crisis. It was then I realized there are likely thousands of children with the disease at home; including Sierra Leonean children abroad who would like to visit the country but could not do so without proper medical support in the country.

I decided that with the support of the Sierra Leone government and society, I would create a foundation to educate Sierra Leoneans about this debilitating disease, and create awareness through outreach and support on how to manage the disease. The purpose of Coulson Sickle Cell Foundation of Sierra Leone is to develop an awareness and understanding of the effects of sickle cell disease on children and families. Additionally, to provide plans on how to manage the debilitating outcome of sickle cell anemia on children and their families. The Foundation first center would be established initially in Freetown with others to follow around the country.

Vision & Mision


·        Outreach Programs: provide public and professional education


·        Screening, Testing and Counseling


·        Referrals and follow-up for screening and/or counseling


·        Vaccination


·        Client services/Referrals for client services


·        Clinic opens to the public


·        Clinics and Support Groups: replicate programs in all four regions of local government areas to reduce illness and mortality rates as obtained in Freetown clinic and support group.


·        Wellness and Nutrition Programs


·        Parent and Child Support Group-Education


·        Prenatal Testing

Our Services

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