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Project Updates
  Coulson Sickle Cell Foundation would like to thank the Health Care of Atlanta in supporting the foundation to start this project, and also for their generous donation.

Special thanks to Brad Muckenfuss and Natalie Owens for the coordination and managing of the delivery staff in sorting, packing, loading and delivery of the donated items. Please see picture gallery below.

All current donated funds will be going towards shipment of office furniture, medical equipment and supplies. Our Targeted shipment date is August, 2008 (date is subject to change due to amount of funds donated). Please pledge your donation now, so we can meet our deadline.


Coulson Sickle Foundation of Sierra Leone would also like to thank the Ebenezer United Methodist Church, Prime Timers of Conyers, Georgia,USA for their wonderful donation. The pastor and staff have been relentlessly coordinating the solicitation of our Wish List.


Special thanks to Mr. David Tate and R.J. Griffin & Company General Contractors for their generous donations and services to our foundation.

In March of 2010, the founder and CEO of Coulson Sickle Cell Foundation (CSCF) of Sierra Leone donated medical supplies from the USA worth over $10,000 to the Ola During Children’s ward at the Princess Christian Maternity Hospital (PCMH) in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Click here for full story (courtesy of Standard Times Press News).

Coulson Sickle Cell Foundation Boosts Medical Services In Sierra Leone With Supplies Worth $10,000:

In April of 2010, the founder of CSCF in an effort to assist marginalized children at the Don Bosco Fambul center in Freetown, Sierra Leone donated personal hygiene products, candies and other items to the recipients at their Fort Street center. Click here for full story (courtesy of Awoko Newspaper).

                                 Don Bosco Fambul

Donated Items

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