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Graced Team, Inc. and Coulson- Sickle Cell Foundation of Sierra Leone, Inc. organizations have agreed on a joint venture in providing health services to urban and rural Sierra Leone.


Whereas Graced Team, Inc. provides development services to children and women in the rural communities


And whereas Coulson Sickle-Cell Foundation of Sierra Leone, Inc. provides services to sickle cell children and their families in Freetown, the capital city,


Both organizations have agreed to jointly undertake a joint venture program in the delivery of health services to the marginalized, orphaned,  abused and

poor children and women in urban and rural Sierra Leone.

GracedGraced Team Vision


Graced Team, Inc. envisions:

·        A nation that values and invests in Rural Communities.

·        Rural Communities - with legacies of injustice, abuse, marginalization, neglect, and indifference, which have the vision, will, and resources to be just, inclusive and sustainable.

·        Rural Places that young people choose to call Home.


Graced Team Mission Statement

Graced Team, Inc. provides marginalized rural communities opportunities to become self-reliant by strengthening families and communities.

For More Information About Graced Team, Inc., Please Click Here 

2). The FACE Foundation

FACE Foundation, Inc. is committed to supporting the missions, programs and services of the Coulson Sickle Cell Foundation of Sierra Leone, Africa.

Coulson Sickle Cell Foundation of Sierra Leone in collaboration with the Face Foundation is committed to support FACE Foundation’s vision to ensure that Sickle Cell Disease will no longer remain unknown and misunderstood by the masses, including the ones suffering.

The FACE Foundation is a nonprofit organization, formed with the desire to shine a light on the FACE of the families within the Sickle Cell community, to bring awareness, form alliances, and to build educational and support systems.

For more information about FACE Foundation, Inc., please visit their website: http://facefoundationinc.org  


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