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Our Services

Provide public and professional education outreach programs:

The centers would provide outreach, testing, education, nutrition and diet, routine medical care and medical assistant to manage the sick child’s health care needs, and educate pregnant mothers, and mothers with children of this medical condition; additionally, provide a parent support group for families who are affected by the sickle cell disease.


Screening, Testing and Counseling; Referrals and follow-up for screening and/or counseling and Vaccination:


Our clinic will be screening mothers, babies and children for sickle cell disease with inexpensive and reliable blood test. And if detected, our facility will be available to the public; to do a follow up services for our patients by providing pain medication, antibiotics, nutrition, folic acid and clean drinking water. There will be vaccinations for children and mothers. There will also be parental education and comprehensive care from our medical staffs, which can educate and reduce the mortality from the disease in infant and early childhood.


Client services/Referrals for client services; Clinic opens to the public; Wellness and Nutrition Programs; Parent and Child Support Group-Education:


Our Office will be open to the public, and will provide public and professional education, a sickle cell awareness program.  There will also be parental education and comprehensive care, which can help reduce the mortality from the disease in infant and early childhood. We set up referrals for our staff to do follow up for screening or counseling. We will also be working with hematology physicians, medical researchers and specialists in the United States of America and other countries that conduct training and workshops, and also collaborate with local organizations in Sierra Leone to help and be informed about latest discoveries on how to deal with the disease. We will also support preventive measures to reduce environment related disease, such as Malaria, acute respiratory infections, which are affiliated with sickle cell disease; this, in the future can reduce frequent medical care and death rates in our community.


Product Donations:

We are seeking healthy pack kit for the first 200 children who register with our clinic. Each pack should

include travel size toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, soap, body lotion and a small toy. So far, we have

received toothbrushes. We are trying to meet our goals in getting the rest of the items by December 2008,

before the opening of our clinic. We shall be grateful for any assistance in this area.



For check or credit card donations, please click here.

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Wish List:

Coulson Sickle Cell Foundation Wish List

Coulson Sickle Cell Foundation accepts a variety of items as donations. These items are used in our clinic to help prevent sickness or treat children in sickle-cell crisis. We generally accept personal hygiene items, up-to-date medicines and general supplies for children. If you would like to donate any of the items listed below to Coulson Sickle Cell Foundation, please contact us at (770) 362-6735.


Personal Hygiene


General Supplies

·        Travel size tooth paste

·        Children’s Tylenol for pain

·        Small toys for boy’s and girls

·        Travel size tooth brush

·        Children’s Motrin for pain

·        Educational Toys

·        Travel size soap

·        Folic Acid

·        Crayons and coloring books

·        Travel size body lotion

·        Vitamins with extra C

·        Zips lock storage bags-(small or medium size)

·        Travel size roll-on antiperspirant

·        Children’s Benadryl

·        Trash bags-(any size)

·        Travel pack Antibacterial moist wipes

·        Children’s Imodium AD

·        Mosquito net

·        Small hair brush

·        Children’s Tylenol for cold

·        Mosquito bugs spray

·        Small hair comb

·        Vicks Ointment

·        Flip flops for children

·        Baby Powder

·        Small tube Vaseline

·        T-Shirt for children (any size and color)

·        Baby pampers-any size

·        Cortizone-10

·        Office Stationeries

·        Wash cloth

·        Neosporin + Pain relief



·        Water purifying tablet



·        Baby sterilizing tablet



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